Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday Under The Covers - Jack L sings Crazy

Monday under the covers is a feature to get your week moving. It will feature an Irish artist doing a cover of a well known tune. Due to obvious constraints I will have to use YouTube for the majority of these posts.

The first post on 2UIBestow features Jack L performing a cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. I have heard some great versions of this tune already from artists like Ray Lamontagne and The Twilight Singers but Jack L does a wonderful version. In October Jack Lukeman released an album of Randy Newman songs called Burn On. Go check him out!

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On Tour:

24 Nov 2008 21:00 Rosin Dubh Galway
28 Nov 2008 21:00 BrĂș BorĂș Theatre Cashel
4 Dec 2008 21:00 Royal Theatre Castlebar
8 Dec 2008 20:00 National Concert Hall Dublin
12 Dec 2008 21:00 Roscommon Arts Centre Roscommon
13 Dec 2008 21:00 Station House Theatre Clifden, Co Galway
19 Dec 2008 21:00 Dolans Warehouse Limerick
26 Dec 2008 21:00 Hotel Kilkenny Kilkenny
27 Dec 2008 21:00 Belvedere House Mullingar
28 Dec 2008 21:00 Time Naas
30 Dec 2008 21:00 Greystones Theatre Greystones
31 Dec 2008 21:00 Cork Opera House Cork

Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas Single from Paula Flynn

This has to be THE Christmas song of the year. The beautiful Paula Flynn is about to release a love song for Christmas called Happy Christmas Valentine and the video for the track is below.


Miss Paula Flynn - Happy Christmas Valentine

Miss Paula Flynn is best known for being Jinx Lennon's sidekick and for releasing the brilliant cover of David Bowie's classic Let's Dance.

Paula Flynn (with Stellarsound) - Let's Dance

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ruby Tuesday - The Guggenheim Grotto

This week's band are one of my favourite bands doing the big tour in support of a wonderful album. Happy The Man is The Guggenheim Grotto's second album and has recieved critical acclaim in Ireland. The band have beautiful melodies, clever intelligent lyrics and a vocal style you can chill and listen to for many an hour. On the band's website they have an early EP for free download. The Ep is below for your aurel pleasure.

A Lifetime In Heat (Free EP)

1. Cold Truth
2. A Lifetime In Heat
3. Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue
4. One For Sorrow
5. And A Tear Isn't Such A Bad Thing

These files are hosted on The Guggenheim Grotto's own website.


20 Nov 2008 21:00 Boyles Slane, Meath
21 Nov 2008 20:00 The Crane Bar Galway, Galway
28 Nov 2008 20:00 Bewleys Cafe Theatre Dublin, Dublin
4 Dec 2008 20:00 Dolans (Upstairs) Limerick
13 Dec 2008 20:00 Phil Grimes Waterford, Waterford
14 Dec 2008 20:00 De Barras Clonakilty, Cork
16 Dec 2008 20:00 Ruby Sessions Dublin, Dublin
19 Dec 2008 20:00 The Crane Bar Galway, Galway
20 Dec 2008 20:00 Cleere’s Theatre Kilkenny, Kilkenny
6 Jan 2009 21:00 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
7 Jan 2009 8:00 The Living Room New York, New York
8 Jan 2009 19:30 Lizard Lounge Cambridge, Massachusetts
13 Jan 2009 9:00 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
14 Jan 2009 8:00 The Living Room New York, New York
15 Jan 2009 19:30 Lizard Lounge Cambridge, Massachusetts
20 Jan 2009 9:00 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
21 Jan 2009 8:00 The Living Room New York, New York
22 Jan 2009 19:30 Lizard Lounge Cambridge, Massachusetts
27 Jan 2009 9:00 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
28 Jan 2009 8:00 The Living Room New York, New York
29 Jan 2009 19:30 Lizard Lounge Cambridge, Massachusetts
31 Jan 2009 19:30 Wilde Auditorium West Hartford, Connecticut
5 Feb 2009 20:00 The Ark Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Irish Gold 1 - Katell Keineg

Katell Keineg is one of my favourite singers whose debut album I still listen to regularly with affection. Here is the bio on her website:

"Since the early nineties Keineg has been musically active in both Ireland and the United States, steadily emerging into one of the most inspiring and deeply moving performers around. Born in Brittany and brought up in Wales, Keineg now lives in Dublin and is a frequent visitor to New York. In 1993, while building her reputation for "conveying a nearly beatific sense of joy in performance"(Los Angeles Times), she released a seven-inch single called "Hestia" on Bob Mould's SOL record label. That same year, Keineg sang on Iggy Pop's American Caesar album and when he passed her single on to Elektra Records, they signed her and released "O Seasons O Castles".

Her second album "Jet" followed in 1997, co-produced with Eric Drew Feldman whose work with Captain Beefheart and PJ Harvey provided the perfect stimuli for Keineg, who was beginning to venture off the over trodden singer-songwriter path in search of artistic pastures new. The record garnered a whole host of stunning reviews. During this period Keineg provided the second vocal on Natalie Merchant's American hit single "Carnival", a favour returned when Merchant recorded Keineg's "The Gulf Of Araby".

The past 10 years have seen Keineg build herself a formidable live reputation. Her live shows have become a regular feature on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2002 she released a 4 track EP of new songs that included "High July" opening track "What's The Only Thing Worse Than The End Of Time?" and a breathtaking live version of Nick Drake's haunting "River Man" recorded from a Drake tribute concert held at St Anne's Church in Brooklyn NY. In their review of the night The New York Times declared her "...a young songwriter due for her own cult, who travelled the fine edge between rapture and loss so essential to Mr Drake's art."

Following the release of a second E.P. (Shaking The Disease), Keineg released "High July", her third album, in late 2004 to further enthusiastic reviews. A re-recorded version of "On Yer Way" from that album was used on the soundtrack of Deborah Kampmeier's film "Virgin" starring Robin Wright Penn, also in 2004."

Katell Keineg - Beautiful Day

Katell Keineg - Love Song To My Guru

Katell Keineg - Pablo Quilla's Dream

This tracks are hosted on Katell Keineg's own artist website.

Katell has been busy working on new material during the last number of years. Fingers crossed for a new release in the new year. Below is the wonderful Glen Hansard speaking with passion about Katell a number of years ago on Other Voices for RTE TV.

Katell Keineg - Gulf of Araby


14 Nov 2008 21:00 The Living Room New York
21 Nov 2008 21:00 The Living Room New York, New York
22 Nov 2008 20:00 Levon Helm’s Ramble Woodstock, New York

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Post Number 1: Irish Artists on YouTube: Mundy

This blog will become the place to find Music News in the Irish Music Scene. My objective for the blog is simple. To become the information site you need when you are looking for gig news, album release news, setlists, videos, etc etc

Where did the name 2 U I Bestow come from?

Mundy - To You I Bestow